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A Crafting She Will Go

Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

A Crafting She Will Go… The last, well almost 20yrs. now, have been a growing, evolving crafting adventure. Now that I am retired from my 40+hr. real job I have lots of time to craft on my own schedule. Instead of trying to fit it in before or after work I get to fit it in around piano lessons and walks around the island and lunch. I have never “lunched” so much!.. but then I was never available to “do lunch”.. which means I have to walk around th island more to walk off lunch.. it’s a vicious circle. The other day my husband asked what I was doing that day. I said “practicing piano, hooking on my sailboat rug and taking a walk”… hmmm, not a bad day.

Already I am seeing a rhythm to my crafting and it seems to be settling into its own broader schedule. Winter lends itself to working in wool.. warm cozy thing wool. The summmer is better for painting.. where I can spread out in the back yard. Fall is craftfair season.. ‘nough said. And spring, spring seems to be the creating time. That is where I am at now. The ideas are comin one on top of the other.. a nice place to be. I think I like this retirement thing.

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  1. Dennis

    Very nice Kathy, Best Wishes and Congratulations!

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