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About K. Newell Crafts

K. Newell Crafts had its beginning back in 1993 with a decorative painting class. Having been a “this and that” crafter forever (needlepoint, cross stitch, quilt in a day, and even stained glass) the first painting class gave me the “aha” moment…
I Loved It! Not just the finished product, but also the whole process was thoroughly enjoyable. When learning to paint you are taught many different styles of painting. After awhile I only wanted to spend my time on the older more primitive style. It’s what I like and now what I paint.

Part of the fun for me is finding the surface to paint. The hunt for unique pieces is ongoing and enjoyable. Some people start with the design and find the piece. I love to find the piece and then create the design for it.

The needlework part of the business came out of a Hooked Rug class at Maine College of Art a couple of years ago. Yes, I was “hooked”. The Penny Rug addiction soon followed. Working with wool is very satisfying… and it also involves “the hunt”… this time for fabric. I use the wool “as is” (undyed) which adds to the primitive look and quality. Sometimes when I’m out scouting secondhand stores and flea markets I find both wood and fabric at the same time… life is good.

I think the wool pieces compliment the wooden pieces and wool I can take with me on ferry rides and in the car where as my painting is something I can only do at home.

I try to take time to enroll in some sort of class each year… whether watercolor, stenciling, basic drawing… so the work continues to evolve.

It’s an ongoing adventure that I really enjoy!