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Hand Sewn

Hand Sewn products from K. Newell Crafts

Hand Sewn Wool Products

Each of these products is sewn by hand by me.

I scour flea markets, second hand stores, yard sales and antique stores for unique items to sew or hook. Items on this page will be changed up often.

If you want to see all of the products I have for sale, you should come to one of my craft fairs.

For all orders, please contact me. All of my contact information is on the Ordering page.
Prices include shipping.

lighthouse-pillow Lighthouse sewn ornament Blue and white penny rug mat

Lighthouse Mini Pillow
5 1/2 x 5 1/2″ stuffed blue felt with assorted wool accents with small sachet of pine inside.
Price: $10.00

Lighthouse Ornament
3″ x 4″ stuffed blue felt with assorted wool accents.
Price: $7.00

Blue and White Penny Rug Mat
Price: $15.00

Heart Candle Hug
12 x 4″ felt heart candle hug with adjustable tie closure.
Price: $12.00

Heart Candle Mat
7 1/2″ round heart candle mat.

Price: $12.00

Heart Sachet
5″ sq sachet/pincushion with a hint of lavender.
Price: $6.00

Wool products

wool-star-mats wool-ornaments wool-coasters

Wool Star Mats
7″ wool mats. Assort colors
Price: $7.00

Wool Ornaments
Set of three wool ornaments, assorted colors
Price: $10.00 each

Wool Coasters
Set of 4 wool coasters 4″
Price: $14.00 each